EVENT STARTS FROM: 28 Jun, 2024 TO Jul 13, 2024 TIME REMAINED:
Dar es salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) - SABASABA
Networking,Brand Exposure, Collaborations and Partnerships at 48th Dar es salaam International Trade Fair.
200+ Foreign Companies from more than 26 Countries.
3,500+ Local companies.
Over 400,000 Visitors at one point
At Mwl. J.K Nyerere Trade Fair Ground in Dar es salaam, Tanzania Do not plan to miss.
From 28th June To 13rd July 2024.

For any question or help about exhibition feel free to comunicate to us via
255 733-002-014 OR

The Mwalimu J.K.Nyerere Trade Fair Grounds,It is located along Kilwa Road, 8 km south east of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, were inaugurated in 1962, one year after Tanzania gained her independence on 9 December 1961. This ground carries View Ground Map